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SCBS Receives Award

California State Fish and Wildlife Commission Recognizes SCBS
At their November 16 meeting in Santa Barbara, the state Fish and Wildlife Commission recognized the contributions SCBS has made to desert bighorn conservation with a Resolution.  The resolution was framed and presented and several commissioners added personal comments as well.  They were all very appreciative of the efforts we have accomplished - many thanks to all of the members and volunteers for helping!  The meeting was recessed for a couple minutes while a photo was taken. The entire meeting was video taped and is available through  George Kerr, Bob Burke, John Hybarger, Norm Lopez and Steve Marschke accepted the award for SCBS.  Commissioner Dan Richards (also a SCBS life member) was present as well.  The framed Resolution is currently at my house but will be at the annual memeber's meeting before it's final home at Camp Cady.  Contact Steve Marschke if you would like to have a scanned copy of the resolution.