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New Guzzler - Creosote

We did it again!  In January 2019, SCBS and the Marine Corps cooperated to construct the 9th water development within 29 Palms Marine Corp Ground Combat Center.  This is the 7th Raincatcher style system within in the base.  The Raincatcher system has been designed entirely by SCBS to maximize collection efficiency and minimize maintenance.  We hired Diversified Equipment to dig the hole for the 2 tanks saving our backs and allowing our volunteers to concentrate on laying the rainmat and fitting the plumbing.  Many thanks for Rodger Lopez and his son Steven for cooking for the entire crew.  Red got stuck in the sand trying to haul a full load of the rainmats, all the tools, and the tank trailer.  Joe Priess and John Nelson came to the rescue and took over the tank trailer relieving Big Red of that burden.  Otherwise the project was completed without a hitch.  George Sutton, John Maney and Kathleen Daugherty headed up the satellite monitor installation crew so that we can monitor the rainfall and water levels remotely.  Overall we had 56 volunteers from SCBS, WSF, and a local Boy Scout troop plus nearly the entire crew of the Natural Resources department (led by Major Tran) from the base including several conservation law enforcement officers.  They used their military duty “razor” UTV to move the rainmats from Big Red up the embankment for us.  500 pounds on the tailgate – no problem!

We timed this installation just right, within 10 days we had already collected over 1 foot of water by the June 1 the system was full.  Funding was provided by SCBS, WSF and DFW.