Water for Wildlife 2015

Well the year of 2014 is almost over and I really cannot wait to start another New Year.  The WFW volunteers worked so hard in 2014 and made the year another success in providing and maintaining water for our desert wildlife.  Just Google,facebook water for wildlife, and see for yourself how hard these men and women work.  These volunteers get NOTHING but a thank you and some food, without them nothing would get done no matter how much money was in the bank.  The year of 2015 will be the tenth year of restoring and maintain water for our desert wildlife.  With the help and donations from organizations like the CA Deer Association, Safari Club of Orange County, Turner's Outdoorsman, Predator Callers of Orange County, Private Citizens and the CA Fish & Wildlife we can continue our quest to provide water for wildlife.

I just have to say a couple things that have been on my mine for some time.  There are several organizations that do not like what we do.  These organizations want all these drinkers removed and want to turn the desert back to what it was a 1000 years ago.  These folks want to get rid of, what they call "artificial water".  I have tried to find out, what is "artificial water".

Is water behind a dam "artificial water"?  Is water out of my tap "artificial water"?  Is rain water that runs into a cistern deemed as "artificial water"?  Water pumped from a well "artificial water"?   What is artificial water??  To these organizations who want to remove all artificial water it seems like their definition of artificial water would be....if any kind ofwildlife drinks from anything that is man made and it captures water, it needs to be removed ??????  These organizations seem to only concentrate on wildlife's water.  

Let's start with the removal of all the dams that hold our "artificial water", then we can turn off the wells that pump our "artificial water", I am sure there are hundreds of different species of wildlife that drink from lakes, and treatment plants, etc., through out the Western US.  It is hard to understand why these groups want the DESERT WATER removed???  If someone can help explain it to me feel free to call or send me an email.

 Anyway....done with my rant, below is the schedule for 2015 and details on the first project in Feb.
 Cliff McDonald


I have finally put together a Water for Wildlife (WFW) schedule for 2015.

Feb     13-14-15          BLM land South of I-40, Water Rd exit.

March  20-21-22         Goffs CA, camping at Goffs

April    17-18-19          Mojave National Preserve, camping at equestrian center

May     15-16-17         Mojave National Preserve, camping at equestrian center

June        ?????            Maybe Bishop, CA

 The reason June does not have any dates:  The CA F&W called me and asked if the Water for Wildlife projects could include working on four drinkers located near Bishop, Ca.  Bishop is a long drive and I/we need to know how many volunteers would be willing to make this drive.

It would take a commitment of at least 25 volunteers before it would be a go on this project. The dates would be 12-13-14-15 if we were to have the project.  If you want to do this please let me know.  Bishop is really nice this time of the year and the fishing should be good.

 Our cook (Judy), for the last six years, has volunteered to cook for us again.  All I can say is that we all lucked out again to have Judy as our cook. For those of you who have tasted Judy's dinners knows what I am talking about.
 A couple guys that volunteer for WFW will not sit still during the winter.  Lyle organized a project last Nov and fixed several cracks in a drinker on the preserve, plus he has put together another small project, Jan 10-11 on BLM land at Kelbaker Rd, they will completely restore another drinker.  If anyone wants more details about this project email me.

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