Bob Wood Development

Burnt Spring Old BoxSCBS completely refurbished an old spring box system in the Marble Mountains.  We installed a new tank buried in the ground to augment the two small wooden spring boxes that were deteriorating.  The old spring boxes held approximately 50 gallons each.   The capacity of the new tank is 2300 gallons and will allow the system to remain well watered throughout the hot summer months.  We plumbed the tank from the existing spring box by adding about 30 feet of 2 inch PVC pipe.  No other collection system is needed as this small seep has been a reliable producer.Burnt Spring Finished

This system is dedicated to Bob Wood by his grandson Shawn Wood.  A plaque will be installed at a future date, hopefully when Shawn can attend.  Bob Wood was a SCBS volunteer on many projects and was recruited by his father Marvin Wood, also a long time SCBS volunteer.  In fact, one of the other wildlife water systems in the Marble Mountains is already dedicated to Marvin Wood.  This new system makes two for one family!  The rest of you have a lot of catching up to do; let’s make Marvin, Bob and Shawn an inspiration to us all to do whatever we can for desert bighorn conservation.

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