Oro Belle New System
From Saturday, October 24, 2020 -  07:00
To Sunday, October 25, 2020 - 17:00
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New Guzzler Installation!

October 24 – 25, 2020

At Equinox Golds's Castle Mountain Venture (aka Viceroy Mine)

RSVP's Are Required

SCBS is partnering with Castle Mountain Ventures / Equinox Gold (formerly known as the Viceroy Mine) to install a brand new guzzler system on the perimeter of their active mining operations.  Due to the fact that the mine is actively operating, we will only have access to the site on Saturday and Sunday. The mine has agreed to use their heavy excavating equipment to prepare the guzzler location in advance, including leveling the rain mat location and pre-excavating the holes for the tanks.  This system will include 3 Raincatcher tanks as ther eis abundant boghorn use in the immediate area. We will need a large crew to be prepared to start work immediately on Saturday morning to get the tanks into the ground and install the rain mat system. The crew will need 4x4 to drive to the work site; carpooling can be arranged from the campsite.  Bring your face masks!

The Castle Mountain Ventures / Equinox Gold site is located within the nearly formed Castle Mtn Monument boundaries, on the Eastern perimeter of the Mojave National Preserve, near the California-Nevada state line.  Primary access to base camp and the mine will be using Walking Box Road which can be approached either from Nipton, CA or Searchlight, NV.  Walking Box Road is graded but noticeably wash boarded for at least 15 miles; not recommended for RVs unless your RV can take that kind of abuse (suggestion: if you have to have your city-street RV, consider making private arrangements in Searchlight and commute to the work site. There is also a possible secondary camping spot part way to base camp along the wash boarded road that is better suited for RVs than our base camp.  Sorry but we couldn't find a better location that is RV accessible.)   This is beautiful country with lots of desert flora and Joshua Trees but that limits the amount of space; we will need to carefully share the space that is available at base camp due to the abundant vegetation.

Rodger Lopez has already volunteered to cook and serve breakfast and dinner for the crew if enough people are interested.  If no one is interested, we will cancel his services.

This project is funded by California Wild Sheep Foundation's Give a Lamb a Drink Fund and by a generous donation from EquinoxGold.

More details and plans will be provided to those who sign up.  Contact John and Linda Roy if you are interested in participating in this exciting project: email is preferred.

Location near Searchlight NV

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